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Դڿ http://www.qikan.com.cn ״΢ѭ*ģͼҽҩ оչ ߣ ѫ νѫ ֳ Դйҩ־2017 02 [ժҪ]״΢ѭ*CMD X ۺƤ״ PCI޸΢ѭĹͬơִӰѧѸٷչ CMD ķ ͷεõԽԽĹעCMD ģоƼҩõıز Ĺߣѡʵ CMD ģͽǿչ CMD ʵоٵ⡣ٴ ʵоʾҽҩ CMD ķηһɫνһҩûѰ ѵҽƷҽҩԤ CMD оص㡣Ľӹ״΢ѭ *ģ͵Ľ۷ҽҩι״΢Ѫܻ*оչּΪ ״΢ѭ*ʵ鼰ҽҩʵоṩο [ؼ]״΢ѭ* X ۺ΢ѪĽʹPCI ޸ ҽҩģ Advances in animal model and traditional Chinese medicine prevention in coronary microvascular dysfunction LI Lei12 LIU Jianxun12* REN Jianxun12 GUO Hao12 LIN Chengren12 1 Institute of Basic Medical Sciences of Xiyuan Hospital China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences Beijing 100091 China 2 Beijing Key Laboratory of Chinese Materia Pharmacology Beijing 100091 China [Abstract]Coronary microvascular dysfunction CMD is a common mechanism for some heart disease like cardiac X syndrome and noreflow phenomenon after percutaneous coronary interventionPCI With the development of medical imageology CMD has received increased attention Animal model of CMD is indispensable tool for the research of pathogenesis and treatment evaluation therefor choose an appropriate animal model is the first issue to carry out CMD research Experimental and clinical studies have shown unique effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine TCM in CMD therapy Clarifying of the TCM therapeutic effect mechanisms and seeking an optimal solution of combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine will be the focus of future research This paper reviewed the establishment and evaluation of CMD animal model as well as the intervention study of TCM on CMD The article aims to provide reference for the basic research of CMD and the TCM experimental study on CMD Դڿ http://www.qikan.com.cn [Key words]coronary microvascular dysfunction cardiac Xsyndrome microvascular angina noreflow after PCI traditional Chinese medicine animal model IJȫ緶Χвཡصļ֮һĤ״խµļ Ѫ㱻ΪǹIJҪ򡣹״ӰΪϹIJġ׼Ȼ ʹܹ״ӰĻ 20%30%ԵĤ״խ[1] ʹΪ״΢Ѫܹ쳣йأʳΪ΢ѪĽʹmicrovascular anginaMVA X ۺCXS[2]ѪܽѸٷչʱؽ Ĥ״ѪӦԸƼļ͹IJʣƤ״ ƣPCI󳣰ļ֯޸noreflowͻѪslow flowٴ ⲿֻ߲δ PCI 棬״΢Ѫܲ䱻Ϊļ޷ָ *עҪ[3]Ŷ΢ѪĽʹPCI ޸Լʺļ Ľʹо룬༲Ĺͬơ״΢ѭ* coro